Selected recent series:

Please click on the images to explore (then click into them to see the titles). There are also links to a video each on the "Variant World" and the Still life with and without Animals series.
Some of these paintings are available for purchase during our events from the Hunters Point Shipyard Artists online store.
Many paintings are still available. Most look much better in person than on screen! Please request prices or contact me for a visit.


image Still life Sofa-sized
"Variant World" series >> see video << Still life paintings, sofa-size >> see video <<

Stuffed sculptures Stuffed sculptures
Stuffed sculptures Mugs available—contact me for link


image Plein air landscape urban-themed
Smaller still life paintings   Bay Area plein air paintings




Plein air paintings, industrial other area plein air landscapes  
Industrial plein air paintings Other plein air paintings, outside San Francisco
Central Valley Mt. Diablo  
  Central Valley plein air views Views of Mt. Diablo

More older work to come soon.